Sage X3 industry solutions

Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) industry solutions

Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) manages the unique functionality needed in the Distribution, Manufacturing and Service industries. Additional to these industries, Sage have a dedicated Development Partner network that develop integrated solutions for other industries such as Government & Public sector, Construction & Engineering , Mining, Retail, Transport and logistics and Agriculture.

The relationships that you cultivate with your Customers will determine your success and getting to really understand your Customer so that you can talk to their specific needs is key to a long term relationship. The importance of Customer data doesn’t end once it’s been collected, it’s an ongoing task to build an accurate profile – information continually changes regarding their needs, preferences, lifestyle, choices, tastes etc
Investing in a good CRM solution is imperative for any business that wants to take their customer satisfaction and customer experience to the next level. Having that CRM system integrate to your ERP or Business management solution is that much better.
Sage CRM allows you to leverage customer data from across your business and target customers with the correct products based on their unique preferences. Organise marketing, sales and customer service activities and store all customer information in a central database. Gain greater insights into the performance of your business with powerful reports and charts

Manage Customer information

Make every customer interaction count and build lasting rewarding relationships but recording key details about each and every Customer.

Integrate with your Sage business management solution

Improve interdepartmental communications, reduce duplication of data and make more informed business decisions.

Send and track email campaigns using MailChimp

Use e-marketing solution Mailchimp to create and send targeted email campaigns to prospects and clients and track your open and click-through rates allowing a more refined call back process.

Use Business Accelerators for Sales

Track progress against your business’s KPIs using this suite of tools. Help sales people become more productive and close sales faster.