Secure your Companies future by achieving and maintaining a healthy B-BBEE score

With all the complex formulas needed to be able to calculate your B-BBEE score its becoming increasingly more and more difficult to achieve this on a spreadsheet. BEE 123 is a simple to use, yet complex solution that will help you to keep track of your status as well as help to determine ‘what if” calculations to assist with the future planning in your organization.

If your company has a turnover in excess of R10 million per annum you are legally required to comply with the rules and regulations of B-BBEE.

Companies that neglect to do so or in any way misrepresent their B-BBEE level are heavily penalised – penalties can include 10 years imprisonment for misrepresentation, 10% fine of annual revenue and a 10 year restriction from doing business with government.

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