Maximize efficiencies and provide an agile, efficient service with Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) for Distribution

Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) Distribution & Warehousing Solution

Companies in the distribution sector are struggling to maintain their market position and market share. Many find themselves caught between retailers that want to pay less so they themselves are able to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers and manufacturers who want to increase prices to meet their commodity price increases.
Distributors need access to real time inventory data to drive proactive sales operations, make good purchasing decisions and minimize costs of stock. Without full visibility to identify redundant and slow moving stock distributors are unable to measure and improve company performance.
A major source of delays and a common source of errors occur when multiple systems are being used to manage the distribution business. The time wasted in manual processes and re-entering data in parallel systems puts further strain on costs and the company’s bottom line. Distributors that have an integrated system are able to provide their customers with speedy responses, and accurate lead times. Distributors have access to real time information that enables them to optimize their inventory and operations and enhance profitability by connecting information, people and processes.