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Upskill your workforce today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organisations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.

Why Go1?

You may have already invested in a system to meet your business or learning requirements and this is why the Go1 Content Hub is available on hundreds of existing systems.

From unified communication like Microsoft Teams, to a wide variety of Learning Management systems (LMS). Those beginning their eLearning journey, or requiring a discrete stand-alone platform, the Go1 Platform offers an intuitive SCORM-compatible solution for any organisation.

The Go1 Content Hub is the world’s largest digital learning library

Match your workforce training needs all in one place with the Go1 Content Hub. With resources delivered by the biggest names in eLearning, you have access to industry-specific learning content.

Timely, relevant, and engaging recommendations

Go1 understands that you have unique training requirements, so we work with you to ensure only the most relevant, curated recommendations are presented to you and your learners, in line with your L&D priorities.

Delivered in your existing system, or in ours

If you have an existing platform to deliver learning, the Go1 Content Hub seamlessly plugs in to hundreds of LMSs, HRISs, and Apps at the touch of a button. Also available as a standalone SCORM-compliant solution.

Unlimited access for a single subscription

Access many providers in the Go1 Content Hub for a single, low price, without the hassle of juggling multiple vendors. With Go1, there is no need to compromise versatility, quality or delivery.

Go1 helps people engage in learning that is relevant, effective & inspiring

The Go1 Content Hub

Go1 understands that you deliver a diverse range of training whether it be compliance, technical, or soft skills development. The Go1 Content Hub provides you with a wide range of topics by a versatile collection of global, regional, and specialised providers. We help you create contextualized learning experiences that engage curiosity, and encourage self-directed learning habits whilst meeting your business needs.


The Go1 Platform provides an intuitive experience in uploading your existing content. Compatible resource types include SCORM, xAPI, PDF, Audio, Video, MS Office files and many more. Upload content from any learning authoring tool, and if you don’t have one, we’ve included an easy-to-use course creation tool to compile your own custom content! You have everything you need to get started with comprehensive reporting, built-in assessment, quiz engines, and 24-hour support..

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