Provide a full omnichannel retail experience to ensure consumer engagement with Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) for retail

Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) for retail

The landscape for retail globally has seen interesting changes over the past years. With the advent of social media and mobile phones we are seeing the change in consumer behavior not only in our younger population, but across the various age groups. There has been an uptake year on year in terms of online shopping and in order to stay in business in the coming years it’s becoming imperative that retailers look to offer an e-commerce platform on their stores website.

Sage e-Commerce

Sage e-commerce enables you to seamlessly extend your Sage Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) solution to the world of eCommerce with secure and real-time connectivity. This means no disconnected databases, no manual re-entry of orders, and no costly integration projects.
An end-to-end ecommerce platform purpose built for Sage customers, Sage eCommerce is built upon three principles, providing customers with Intelligent eCommerce:

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