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We make sure we fully understand your business and its needs so that we provide the right solution for your business & budget.

BBBEE Compliance

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their procurement and compliance objectives with our excellent BBBEE status.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to enable your success. Your success ensures our success and we believe here at Argon the two go hand in hand.

What we do for you


Advisory Service

A digital transformation can be a complex process and our skilled consultants will guide you through the process from start to finish. Working with you to give you the best possible solution for your digital transformation requirements.


Solution Training

To ensure the success of the implementation we are passionate about making sure that each and every user on the system is suitably trained in their required usage of the system. Training is performed in a classroom environment and customised and adapted to your company’s system setup.


Project Management

Our project planning team specialises in planning, coordinating and executing digital transformation projects according to specific requirements and constraints. Ensuring all projects are completed on time and within budget



We provide ongoing technical support services and don’t believe in locking our clients into a pre-selected packaged SLA (Service level agreement). you have the flexibility to select on each support call, the priority (high, medium or low) that they require on a case by case basis and are billed according to priority.

Enterprise Companies

We have vast experience with enterprise companies, multiple levels, locations, divisions or departments – we can handle any level of complexity.

Transport & Logistics

Experienced in implementing solutions for tracking and storage of goods within a supply chain and between the points of origin and consumption.


We provide robust solutions to help automate, streamlined processes with real-time business information and improve organisation visibility.

Financial Services

We help our clients in the finance sector quickly adapt to new technologies, business practices, and more efficient ways of communicating with clients. 

About Us

Argon has been assisting companies with their ERP and business management software requirements for the past 30 years. It was formed in 1987 as the in house IT Division of the then Boumat Group of companies. We initially implemented 90 sites on-time, on-budget. This set our standard which is ‘Repeat this success story with every implementation.’ Over three decades on, we have expanded our portfolio away from simply providing our own ERP. However, the ownership, pride and determination to be the best at what we do, still pervades all of our work.

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