Argon Professional Services

Implementation Methodology

We are strong believers that in order for any implementation to succeed all stakeholders need to be involved from the start of the project. We have developed a structured approach so that we can track the milestones and ensure that each and every box is ticked before moving to the next phase in our methodology

This process forms the foundation for our long term partnership with our clients. We are able to learn a great deal from your teams as your teams can learn from us and at the same time the responsibility and accountability is shared across the teams.

Phase one – Diagnostic

The objective of this phase is to gather enough information so that we can define the high-level project scope. A high-level understanding needs to be reached concerning the objectives and deliverables for the long and short term in order to create a well-informed strategy.

Phase two – Analysis

This phase is the official start of the implementation project. The goal is to define and agree upon all the business requirements related to the solution. This includes recording and documenting the current business processes as well as to understand the possible challenges that may arise in order that we can effectively manage these challenges.

Phase three – Design

In the design phase we define how the business requirements will be implemented. We specify exact project plans and timeliness. Then, with details of the resources available for the project, both from the client and ourselves, a clear and detailed project baseline is created and development commences.

Phase four - Development

In the development phase the system is configured, unit tested, system tested and stress tested so that it can be proven to meet the client’s business needs and requirements. After this, it is submitted for user acceptance testing through a series of scenario simulation testing iterations, the process will prove whether the solution is robust and whether it works well.

Phase five - Deployment

Once you are satisfied that the solution meets your requirements, the system will be deployed into your live environment. In order to make sure that the system is successful, data will be converted and staff will be trained. Test packs and a test environment provided by the business unit will be used together to confirm that the solution works properly.

Phase six - Operation

In the operation phase the client will start using the software with the close assistance of the Argon team. To ensure that the change control management is effected and the staff members are confident with the operation of the software.

Training and technical support

To ensure ongoing success of the implementation we are passionate about making sure that each and every user on the system is suitably trained and proficient in their required usage of the system. Training is performed in a classroom environment and customised and adapted to your company’s system setup.

We provide ongoing technical support services and don’t believe in locking our clients into a pre-selected packaged SLA (Service level agreement) but rather give them the flexibility to select on each support call, the priority (high, medium or low) that they require on a case by case basis. Billings are done based on the priority level that is selected.

We provide our services either on a contract basis or on a time and materials basis and track all cases throughout their lifespan until they are signed off by the client and the case is closed

Procedure with Support Calls

  • Client logs a support call on CRM via our portal
  • Case is assigned to a consultant
  • Consultant resolves support case
  • Case is solved and case is evaluated for hours spent

Procedure with Support Calls – Time and Materials

  • Client logs a support call on CRM via our portal
  • Case is assigned to a consultant
  • Consultant reviews case and provides client a quote and requests approval to proceed
  • Consultant resolves support case
  • Case is solved and case hours spent are invoiced